To help you get the most out of this site, please take a moment to look through our Frequently Asked Questions, (FAQ’s). This page should answer your general questions on topics such as: “How to get started” and “Where do your Leads come from.

Why LeadsDirect?
Features Of This Site That You Should Know About

  • Discount Leads: The LeadsDirect network is a "self-serve" (think Costco) discount lead site. We've been in business since 2003.

  • Free sign up*! You only pay for the Leads that you receive.

  • No minimums! You may purchase as few or as many online Leads as you choose with our sites.

  • Pick only the online Leads that you like! Our database lets you browse and download leads in real time!

  • NEW! Automatic Online Leads Delivery! Set a daily lead budget, and our system will deliver to that budget for you automatically.

  • VEREFIED! Using the latest technology and multiple databases, we verify and append our leads BEFORE you checkout.

  • Got a "bad" lead? No problem. We offer a generous replacement policy.

  • Lost a lead? No problem, your lead purchases are available for download at any time!

  • Need to import the online Leads into your contact manager? No problem, our leads are available in CSV, Excel (SYLK), or e-mail

How Does Our Pricing System Work?

We let the age of the Leads drive our pricing. We adjust the price of any given lead based on how long it has been in our system. We start with a base price for the freshest leads and discounted from there. The general rule of thumb is the fresher the lead, the better the chance of a sale! That being said, some folks want to buy more leads at a discount even if they are days old. With Leads Direct, we can accommodate both styles of client. The fresher the lead, the more the lead will cost. Bargain hunters can buy older leads at a discount. With intelligent pricing, you decide what you pay. Lead pricing is based on a shared model. All leads are sold on a shared basis. What this means is that a lead will be available for sale to multiple agents. This is strictly a first come, first served situation. The first individual that buys the lead gets the first chance to contact the potential client. We update pricing on the entire inventory daily.

All Major Credit Cards Accepted Online

Our pricing model allows you to purchase Leads that you believe make the most sense to you, and simply pass by those that don't.

Our Replacement Policy

Every so often a consumer will submit a false online Leads. To rectify the situation, we’ve made replacing a lead on Leads Direct easy. If you have a lead that fits the following criteria you may submit the lead for replacement:

Simply Put, We’ll Replace A Lead If:

  • The consumer has given us bad contact information (i.e. phone number not in service)
  • The lead is a fictitious person or a person “in the business”
  • The lead is a duplicate for one that you have already purchased on this web site

In addition we will at our discretion offer a courtesy credit for:

  • The consumer has already completed the transaction
  • The consumer claims that they, (or any member of their family) did not make the inquiry.

To submit for lead replacement, simply go to the replace a lead page and follow the instructions. Please allow up to two business days for lead replacements to be approved.