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Real-Time Life Insurance Leads For Quota Breaking Results

Frustrated with life insurance prospects who aren't qualified? With Life Leads Direct, you can choose from leads updated in real-time 24/7, providing over a million insurance leads per month that are right for you based on fresh, accurate data.

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Choose the exact leads you want before you spend a cent

Verified Lead Accuracy

All leads are verified as real intent-based insurance leads

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With access to millions of leads each month, focus on selling not prospecting


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The Life Leads Direct lead catalog gives you the ability to browse, view and add the leads you want to a shopping cart. It's easy as Amazon!
  • Choose exclusive or shared leads

  • All leads verified before you buy

  • Auto delivery ensures you get the freshest leads in real-time

FAQ's About Buying Life Insurance Leads

When it comes to fresh, accurate life insurance leads for your business, you won't find a solution better than Life Leads Direct.

Insurance leads are posted 24 hours a day, 7 days per week in real time. For example, when a consumer clicks "submit" on one of our, (or our partner) web pages, the leads are instantly entered into the database. We age the leads on a 24 clock, (not a business day), so a lead that is "new today" will labeled that way until the 24th hour after it was posted.

We add additional discounts to the leads every 4 hours. No lead is more than three days old.

Life insurance leads are sourced from our network of web sites as well as through outside affiliates, or via consignment from other lead aggregation web sites. All of our leads are generated through Internet submission.

When purchasing leads from Leads Direct, you will be purchasing a shared lead.

  • Shared leads  are sold not more than four times total, giving you a significantly lower cost per lead!
  • Shared leads are often sold twice or less…it’s a big country!

One important note about why we sell shared leads vs. exclusive.

Exclusive leads are by their nature exclusive only to the lead provider; however the consumer can continue to shop. The same consumer that generated your exclusive lead could have called 5 other companies or submitted for multiple quote requests prior to coming through us exclusively. That fact plus the added cost is why we sell a shared lead.

Closing rate is heavily dependent on the person doing the closing! That said, our clients report back that 10-20% of the leads we provide result in sales in the short term.

Some tips for closers: Call the consumer quickly. Be persistent. Use a leads management system whenever possible, If you haven't gotten in touch with the consumer, put the lead in your tickle file to call in 3 or 4 weeks. Aged leads sometimes close better than new!

What Life Insurance Professionals Are Saying About Life Leads Direct

Rain making insurance agents rely on Life Leads Direct for the best leads based on intend-based data - all at a super price!

John Tailor


I've tried all of the on-line lead sources, but I love LifeLeadsDirect because I choose the leads, I buy only what I need, and I run what I like! Keep up the great work

Ryan H.


I just wanted to express my appreciation for your site...The other day I received a lead for an attorney here in Dallas who owns his own firm. His request was for 4 million of life insurance and after meeting the attorney 6 million of insurance was in force along with a commission well over $15,000! You have a customer for life!!! Thank you for help in my success!

Mark Hite

Hite Insurance

I purchased a life lead from your site that has turned out to be a whopper. I'm going to be writing the life business, as well as looking at his companies 401(k) plan, (400 employee's)... Not too bad for $23 invested!!

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